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Canada has changed its COVID-19 border rules again to make travel easier and more accessible for Canadians and international tourists. These changes include unvaccinated and partially vaccinated kids aged between 5 and 11 no longer requiring COVID-19 tests, among a few other relaxations.
Canada has been open for tourism since the summer of 2021. However, travel restrictions have remained stricter than in many other countries, especially European nations.
The Canadian federal government said on Friday that unvaccinated and partially vaccinated kids—if they’re accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent, step-parent, or tutor—no longer need to complete a pre-entry COVID-19 test from April 25 at 1 am ET. 
Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated travelers aged 12 and older will still require pre-entry tests from April 25 at 1 am ET. However, children under twelve years old won’t need to provide a pre-entry COVID-19 test result. 
In addition, all fully vaccinated travelers won’t need to provide a quarantine plan upon entry. While pre-flight testing requirements were removed on April 1st for vaccinated passengers, the ArriveCan app was still asking those entering to provide a detailed 14-day quarantine plan, in the case they tested positive on a random arrival test. This step in the app will be discontinued next week.
Also, fully vaccinated travelers visiting Canada on or after April 25 won’t need to:
Travelers will still need to use the ArriveCAN app to detail mandatory travel information within 72 hours before their arrival in Canada. Travelers must provide proof of vaccination, contact information, and travel information on the app.
If a fully vaccinated traveler doesn’t submit their information to the ArriveCAN app, the Canadian authorities won’t classify them as fully vaccinated. As a result, they may have to submit a pre-entry test result and a detailed quarantine plan. 
As of April 25, 2022, the Government of Canada is further easing and simplifying border measures for some groups of travellers, including children aged 5-11 travelling with vaccinated parents.

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Omar Algahbra, Canada’s Minister of Transport, said: “The gradual easing of restrictions for travelers is part of our balanced and science-based approach to managing COVID-19 and its variants. Although some restrictions may be easing, air and rail travelers are reminded that they are still required to wear a mask throughout their travel journey.”
“Wearing a mask offers an extra layer of protection for you and your fellow travelers, and will help keep Canadians, workers, and our transportation system safe,” he added. 
Fully vaccinated foreign nations can enter Canada for tourism purposes, test-free, if:
However, Canada still prevents unvaccinated travelers from entering the country unless they have specific circumstances. Travelers will need to apply for an exemption until further notice.
Canada is currently witnessing a sixth COVID-19 wave. The current 7-day case average in Canada is 10,968, which is a significant decrease from previous COVID-19 waves. Canada has currently fully vaccinated 81% of its population. 
Dr. Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, said: “At the end of the day, everyone is in agreement that vaccines are still our major tool, a major layer of protection both inside Canada for all Canadians,” he said.
“But also for travel purposes, it’s important to stress the point that the higher our vaccine coverage is, the better we all are overall in protecting against serious consequences against COVID-19.”
The Canadian authorities recommend the use of non-medical masks/facial coverings when it’s impossible to consistently maintain a 2-meter physical distance from others, such as public transportation.
As of 2022, Canadians are warming up to foreign tourists returning to the country, here’s most about what it’s like to visit right now.
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Sunday 5th of June 2022
From (link)
To qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller to Canada, you must: have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (which includes fatigue, fever, the sniffles)
So you’re vaccinated until you’re not, then they can classify you as contracting the virus unvaccinated, regardless of whether or not your papers are in order..
Saturday 7th of May 2022
Reading the following posts makes me feel ashamed to be this close to some of those demented minds. They sound more like radicals and trouble makers from some some foreign country. Be a good citizen and take the jab for the health of your country.
Tuesday 26th of April 2022
“…balanced and science-based…” that’s the joke of the century if I’ve ever heard one!! The unvaxed get harassed and segregated while the vaxed get to move and travel in and out as they please whether they have symptoms or not. That sounds really balanced and equal for both sides, and don’t even get me started with “science-based” – it’s all propaganda garbage based on peoples agendas and opinions – no science whatsoever because if it was science we could question and diagnose and when people do they get censored and banned off platforms. It’s disgraceful and disgusting what our “leaders” are doing to our country that was once so beloved by so many. Until we all wake up and fight back, saying no to all this nonsense we won’t recognize the Canada we once had and our future generations will be growing up in a dark, very sad place. God help us & keep our land glorious and free! With God’s help we can stand on guard for thee!
Monday 25th of April 2022
If you are vaccinated, why do so many have fear of someone who is unvaccinated. Is this the governments way of trying to promote separation and hatred among its population. Many more of our 80% vaccinated are spreading the virus than the 20% who are not. Check the numbers. Let’s return to caring about our fellow Canadians.
Saturday 23rd of April 2022
canada is a woke joke and the liberal dicks are killing the tourist industry drop the passport mandate for the unvaxed and let the citizens prosper
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