Finest Date Cup with Kadayif

Date Cup with Kadayif Recipes

Dinner is eaten, stomachs are having a feast with the sensation of fullness. However is one thing lacking, pricey reader? For instance, it is a lack of style that may make that night extra stunning, is not it? However it won’t tire, it won’t faint from its sweetness. It is going to be gentle, it is going to be milky.
We all know what you need, really we’re yours. Cannot we get a mug with dates and kadayif? It is going to be eaten spoon by spoon, sugar on the palate, tiny candy touches on the pleasure of dinner is a dessert in itself. Its making can also be sensible sufficient to overhaul all different milk desserts. The supplies and all the small print of its development are under. Good luck.

Elements for Kadayif Date Cup Recipe

  • 125 grams of butter
  • 80 grams a
  • 500 ml. milk
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 1 pack of gummy vanilla vanilla
  • 200 grams of pudding kadayif
  • 6 dates

The right way to Make a Cup with Kadayif and Dates?

  1. Take the butter into the pudding pot and soften it.
  2. When it melts, add the flour and fry it effectively.
  3. After frying, add milk little by little. Proceed mixing.
  4. Whisk collectively the sugar and vanilla gum drop, respectively, and add them into the combination.
  5. Take it off the range when it thickens.
  6. Put some pudding on the underside of the cups or bowls you’ll serve.
  7. Add as a lot kadayif and dates as you would like. Take a layer of custard once more.
  8. Serve after it has cooled down a bit and luxuriate in it.