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By Ajit Kara, CEO
As brands and agencies around the world seek support for their creative production needs, they’re increasingly tapping into digital hubs in Latin America—particularly in Brazil and Mexico. These hot spots for emerging talent, innovative thinking and cutting-edge creative are playing a vital role in bringing advertising and marketing campaigns to life.
Having leveraged talent in Brazil for more than 10 years, Tag’s investment there is part of a larger digital trend. A study by São Paulo Tech found that tech startups in the state of São Paulo attracted $2.8 billion in investment between 2019 and 2020, outpacing the tech ecosystems of some nearby countries—Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Nearly 3,000 startups across 34 sectors operate in the state of São Paulo, with 70% of them based in the capital city.
Meanwhile, Mexico has a strong creative industry, as well. Mexico City—named the official World Design Capital in 2018—generates nearly $42 billion of the city’s total income through its creative design industry, which employs approximately 70,000 people.
And it’s not just content production occurring in Latin America; creative ideation is prevalent, too.
Mexico City generates nearly $42 billion of the city’s total income through its creative design industry.
For example, tapping Mexico’s exceptional talent pool and the location’s affordability, our team at Taylor James (a Tag Company) recently expedited production of a commercial for AirWick scented oils. The goal was to contrast the AirWick product with other types of fragrances that overwhelm, which were depicted using a house bursting at the seams from an explosion of potpourri inside.
In just three days, the team built a model house for a live-action shoot, with ample time remaining to shoot several angles and provide the client with multiple creative options. The production speed, quality and affordability would be difficult to replicate elsewhere.
Effective partnership between teams in Latin America and other regions is easier than ever because of tools available through the cloud. Our craft teams in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and London operate consistently and collaboratively through NVIDIA RTX virtual workstations that have capacity for the most demanding visual computing applications and are accessible anywhere. With cloud technology like this, brands and agencies can benefit from the best talent, wherever in the world they choose to live.
Two years ago, Tag’s existing operations were expanded within Latin America. Since then, we have developed an in-region talent pool of remarkable digital and creative production talent, including CGI artists, Flame artists, graphic designers, After Effects artists, and account managers. Their skills and passions for their craft have elevated our culture of diversity, inclusion and creativity across the Americas region.
As brands face increasing pressure to boost content production across multiple platforms with limited budgets, the resources in Brazil and Mexico provide a welcome solution. These dynamic markets enable enhanced end-to-end creative production capabilities for omnichannel brand campaigns, and are better, faster and more cost-effective.
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