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Wordle has been trending all across Twitter with little green, yellow, and grey-coloured square emojis being a part of many tweets over the past few weeks. And the social media platform has confirmed that the game is the first big viral trend of 2022. The word guessing game has caused quite the stir with people sharing their achievements on social media, tutorials, and strategies being discussed as well stories about its origins.
Twitter has revealed that since its release in October 2021, ‘Wordle’ has been mentioned a total of 840,000 times across the platform. November saw a spike in the usage of yellow and green coloured box emojis, with 773,000 tweets being used to reference the blocks within the game.
Numbers also show that Indian Twitter seems to have found Wordle as their new passion in 2022.  In India, 96 percent of Wordle conversations on Twitter took place in January 2022. Among Indians, the obsession has since grown steadily, with a 48 percent daily average growth in Wordle discussions within the country.
Wordle 200 3/6
— ARMAAN MALIK (@ArmaanMalik22) January 5, 2022
Wordle originally began as a love story, when a Brooklyn-based software engineer named Josh Wardle created a word guessing game for himself and his partner. Months after playing it, the game was made available to the public in November, after which it saw a massive surge in users, accumulating over 300,000 players.
The online puzzle game is completely free to play and requires players to strategically guess a five-letter word. The game updates itself with a new word every day.
Each word is there only for 24 hours. Each player, worldwide, gets the same word, adding to a social element. You can read about some tips on how to ace the game here.
Users get 6 tries to get the word right, upon which, they win the puzzle and can share their achievement online. A yellow coloured tile indicates that the letter guessed is correct, but the placement is wrong. A green coloured tile indicates a correct guess. A greyed-out tile means that the letter is not a part of the word.
When users share their results with another, Wordle only shows the number of guesses it took time, and the path it took, including the number green, yellow and grey tiles. As Twitter has highlighted, sharing one’s ‘Wordle’ result of the day has become a favourite activity for many Indians, the equivalent of morning sudoku or quiz, one could say.
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